U7 (Squirts)

The U7 Program uses a cross-ice layout for all practices and game situations. The cross-ice layout consists
of dividing the ice surface into one-third lateral sections for games and drill stations instead of using the
entire ice surface or half ice. The rationale behind this method is simple but powerful; alike other sports,
long-term hockey development research has shown that reducing the size of the playing surface offers
more opportunity for skill development and greater participation from all players.

The video at the following link shows just how overwhelming a big rink could be.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXhxNq59pWg

New to Hockey?

Hockey is a great way to build friendships, learn discipline, exercise and most importantly have FUN!

SAMH want your kids safe out on the ice! Here is the equipment needed to get started, also, don't forget a water bottle, clearly labelled with your child's name.


hockey equipment

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