U9 (Novice)

The Under-9 half-ice format continues age appropriate modifications into the Under-9 Program with the Long Term Player Development model and philosophy as the fundamental basis for change. Players at the U9 level require a continued focus on physical literacy while also beginning to develop some of the more advanced individual skills inherent in the game. By moving from cross-ice at U7 to half-ice at U9, we increase the size of the ice surface in accordance with the increase in the size of player. This modified ice will continue to provide players with an environment that is more inclusive, competitive and conducive to skill development through puck touches and puck control, shots, passes completed, transitions, decision making, puck support, overall involvement…and FUN!  In addition, with the creation of the new Development Zone, kids will have up to 40% more ice time during games!

The video at the following link shows just how overwhelming a big rink could be.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXhxNq59pWg

New to Hockey?

Hockey is a great way to build friendships, learn discipline, exercise and most importantly have FUN!

SAMH wants your kids safe out on the ice! Here is the equipment needed to get started, also, don't forget a water bottle, clearly labelled with your child's name.

hockey equipment

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